Thundercross Motocross Park

One of the many Florida Motocross tracks is Thundercross MX Park 
The Motocross track is 1.9 miles long with lap times over 2 minutes.
4 lap races are over 10 minutes long for most classes. They also have a Pee Wee track and trails thru the woods. Come
check it out!

Thundercross Mx Park is open everyday during the week of Christmas and new years with a ban fire, party at the end. Thundercross mx has great facilities, a full snack bar, restrooms, and an observation deck on the big table top at the end of the track. The South Florida Motocross series is held at Thundercross Motocross Park as well as many other mx races and events. The pits at Thundercross Motocross are very big with lots of palm trees and multiple sets of bleachers for seeing the entire motocross track.

Also on the same property as Thundercross mx is a shooting range, and cattle range.Thundercross Mx is located about 5 miles east of Okeechobee on state road 70, 25 miles west of I-95, Look for the sign on State Road 70 from south sign will be on right north sign will be on left of 70.

Address: 5651NE 80th Ave,
Okeechobee, Florida, 34973       

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